Valley CrossFit is bringing the HEAT to SoCal Elite

It is confirmed. Valley CrossFit athletes are ready to GET SOME with the rest of the fire-breather athletes of SoCal Elite! We are dedicating today’s Athlete Profile to the 5 amazingly dedicated and strong competitors from Valley. Not much needs to be said, their stats say it all! Get pumped and ready to witness these 5 fierce athletes complete the Sectional WODs every Saturday starting on March 19th at CrossFit South County.

Kris Clever

Age: 28

Height: 5’2″

Weight: 133

Athletic Background- Basketball and running


Helen 7:58

Mark-17 Rounds

Linda 18:34

Competition Stats:

2009 CF Games-4th

2010 CF Games-1st


Rebecca Voigt








Age: 30

Height: 5’9

Weight: 150

Athletic Background: Basketball


Cindy- 20 rounds + 5 reps

Elizabeth: 7:58 (95#)

Grace- 2:04 (95#)

Grace w/Male weight- 5:02 (135#)

Competition Stats:

2008 Games- 7th place

2009 Games- 20th place

2010 Games- 7th place


Lindsey Valenzuela











Age: 24




Snatch: 176lbs
Clean and jerk: 222lbs
Dead lift: 335lbs
Bench Press: 160lbs
Cindy: 22 rounds
Helen: 9:15
Grace: 2:16

Competition Stats:

2010 Southwest Sectionals-4th
2010 Southwest Regional’s-21st
Crossfit/USAW Colorado Open-3rd
2010 U.S. open-8th
American Record Makers Open-1st
8th place National ranking in USAW 69kg women’s weight class
Second Annual Next Level Invitational-4th
Third Annual Next Level Invitational-3rd
Next Level Invitational overall current ranking-Tied for 1st

Katie Hogan














Age: 28


Weight: 165

Athletic Background: Volleyball & Track & Field and  CrossFit Certified Coach


Grace: Mens Rx’d 135# -3:45



C & J-210


Ruben Rojas
















Weight: 195

Athletic Background: Football, Soccer, & Track and CrossFit Certified Coach


FGB 432

Grace: 1:47

C&J: 265

Deadlift: 500

Chest to bar Fran: 3:01

5k: 19:06

Mile time: 5:12

Chelsea: 45 rounds



Athlete Profile-Ronnie Teasdale

Ronnie started CrossFitting in August of 2009.  His very first CrossFit Workout was one month earlier than that, but it took him a month to see the light of CrossFit and begin his journey. Since then he has been extremely dedicated to the lifestyle, learning as much as he can and competing as much as possible.

Before living and breathing CrossFit, Ronnie played hockey since the age of 3 till 23. He started working out when he was 19 to make himself better at hockey. Everything was all self-taught and learned. Eventually Ronnie decided to move to California and live a new dream, “I came to California with a degree in Exercise Science and started training people privately. It wasn’t long before I had a gym in the living room of my one bedroom apartment with plenty of clients. 4 gym locations(slash living quarters) later and a whole lot more equipment I discovered CrossFit and affiliated right away. Ever since then my progress athletically has sky rocketed.”

When it comes to approaching Crossfit competitions and how Ronnie coaches in his gym it is directly influenced by what he learned playing hockey, “Pain in practice equals gold in competitions and for my clients they get no say in what they do. The coach tells and they do or they go home. I am pretty harsh in my actions and language. I am a perfect fit for where I am located in downtown LA. Someone who is out to make everyone happy wouldn’t survive here.”

Ronnie is well-known within the CrossFit community as a fire breather athlete. If you have ever witnessed him in a competition you have seen the drive, the power and the dedication he has to coming out on top! He will give it everything he has through every WOD which is one of the reasons why he is considered an elite CrossFit athlete.


Cindy: 31+5 pullups
Karen with 30lbs ball: 10:35
Elizabeth: 3:27
Fran: 2:32
Max Pullups: 56
Max Bar Muscle Ups: 19
Max Ring Muscle Ups: 15
Max Snatch: 205
Max Clean and Jerk: 255
Max Deadlift: 455
Max Back Squat: 385
Filthy Fifty: 18:30
Fight Gone Bad: 413
5k Run: 17:01
Grace: 1:58
Murph with 20#vest: 32:00

Stats from CrossFit Competitions:

2010 Orange Coast Throwdown: 2nd place
2010 Socal sectionals: 10th place
2010 Southwest Regionals: 26th Place
1st NLP Invitational 4-10-10: 1st place
2nd NLP Invitational 8-14-2010: 1st place
3rd NLP Invitational 12-4-2010: 2nd place
2011 Orange Coast Throwdown: 1st Place
2011 UTC CrossFit Challenge: 1st place
2011 Fitness Elevated in Salt Lake City: 8th place
2011 Southwest Fitness Throwdown in El Paso TX: 3rd place

Athlete Profile – Joshua Lane

Josh Lane – Sponsored LifeAsRX Athlete

5’9 188lbs

31 years old

Helen 7:04

Fran 2:13

Nancy 10:01

Grace 1:51

Cindy 31 rounds

Karen 4:15


Squat 435

Deadlift 450

C&J 275

Snatch 195


Josh grew up in New England, went to a college in Boston then afterwards moved to Vermont. He was a college lacrosse player, former professional skier and amateur bodybuilder. With such an elite athletic background Josh was sure to find CrossFit.  Josh finally started Crossfit about 4 years ago. He was looking to try something new and he wanted to break away from the monotony of bodybuilding.
The first CrossFit WOD he attempted was Fran,  It took him over 10 minutes to get through it but not because of his lack of strength, because he was waiting on a lady at the globo gym to get off the pull-up bar. After he finished Fran he remembers thinking to himself, “I don’t know what the fuss is about, that wasn’t too bad”.  A few months later he got a chance to use bumper plates and do it without interruption. He finished in just under 3 minutes and explains the experience like this, “You know that feeling when you are really drunk and its a struggle to even talk, where you are just praying that if you live through the night you swear you will never do it again? That’s how I felt after Fran.”

Josh  finished 15th at the OC Throw-down and 9th at the UTC challenge. He is sure to be one of the higher ranking athletes this year in the So-Cal Region. When not training or coaching he works as a flight paramedic on a medevac helicopter. He brings his varied background in sports and medicine to every class he coaches and every day he trains. Josh is also a Life AsRx sponsored athlete and trains at CrossFit Counter Culture . We are excited to see him compete and to see where his elite athleticism will take him throughout the competition!



Athlete Profile – Sarah Rodriguez

Name- Sarah Rodriguez
Affiliate- LifeAsRX sponsored athlete
age: 26
height: 5’1
weight: 120lbs

Diane-4:24 (kipping HSPU)
Filthy 50-26:41
30 Muscle-ups for time-9:07

Max Lifts:
Back Squat-200lbs
Clean and Jerk-67kg

Sarah Rodriguez grew up playing sports and living an athletic lifestyle since she was 9 years old. Soccer was her sport of choice, playing it throughout her childhood and high school years. While attending college Sarah became too busy with her academics to play soccer. With an incredibly difficult major in Chemistry, Sarah put a pause on sports and stayed dedicated to her education. So when was it that she discovered CrossFit? “After college, I found CrossFit and became hooked!  I wanted to learn how to do the Olympic lifts correctly so I found a coach, Kris Kimura.  I have been training with Kris for about 2 & 1/2 years and have competed in Olympic Lifting competitions and CrossFit competitions.” 
Before CrossFit, Sarah was volunteering at the LA County Coroners office and about to start a graduate program at Cal State LA in Criminalistics. She initially wanted to be a Criminalises but changed her mind and decided to follow her passion in CrossFit. She received her Level 1 Cert in April 2008 and shortly after began coaching. After about 6 months of training out of her garage, Sarah decided to move into an actual warehouse.  After only 1 year and 10 months in the warehouse they had to relocate to a larger facility! Since November 2010 Sarah and her team have been training out of the new facility that is double in size!  While talking about the move and her future within CrossFit, Sarah states “We love it!   My goal is to send our CFLV team to the games!!!  My personal goal is to first, make it to the games, and second, one day win the games!!! I know it’s a very high goal; there are incredible women athletes out there, but I’ll never stop trying! I absolutely LOVE training and pushing myself as hard as possible!  Competitions are my favorite and I believe I always perform better in a competition than in the gym”.


Sarah is a fire breather. Her dedication to CrossFit and Olympic Lifting for the past 2 & 1/2 years have been recognized throughout the CrossFit community. She competed in the 2009 SoCal Regionals as an individual athlete and then again at the 2010 Regionals with her team, placing 9th in the competition.  Sarah truly stood out as a solid athlete back in August when she competed at the Next Level Invitational. She was fast, strong and an overall well-balanced athlete throughout the competition, taking the 1st place title in the Advance Division. Sarah also did amazing at her most recent competition, the OC Throwdown , taking 2nd place in the Advance Division! Sarah’s performance at the OC Throwdown was even more proof that she is a dedicated and committed CrossFit athlete to watch out for during this years Game Season! We wish you the best of luck this year, Sarah! We look forward to seeing you crush the Sectional WOD’s with all the other SoCal Elite athletes!

Athlete Profile J.C. Nessa

Picture courteous of CFHQ

Name- J.C. Nessa (non-affiliate)

Height- 5’10”

Weight- 187

Profession- Firefighter/Paramedic

Base line workouts

Diane- 2:35

GHD Annie- 8:23

Eva- 37:59

Cindy- 27 + 5 pull ups

Elizabeth- 6:40 with 155lb

FGB- 396

Filthy 50- 18:40

500m row- Average 1:38

30 muscle ups for time- 3:10

Dead- 505

Squat- 385

Clean and Jerk- 275

Snatch- 225

J.C. began crossfitting in 2006 at CrossFit Marina in huntington beach CA.  He also trained at  CrossFit Calgary while living out of state for 6 months as well.  He now gets after the daily WOD in his garage! His mom, sister and father are all vivid CrossFitter’s as well.

J.C. grew up in the sports mindset being involved with Wrestling/Track & Field, High School and College- Football and Baseball. J.C. says…

“I was a left-handed lead off hitter with agility behind the plate and a strong are down to 2nd base, not your typical catcher and not exactly intriguing to 4-year college recruiters, but probably something Dave Lipson could appreciate.”


Picture courteous of CFHQ (J.C. & Father)

J.C says his drive for the 2011 games is recently recovering from debilitating injuries that hampered his strength and cardio.  He won’t reveal his weakness but he putting in work to get back in the running.

J.C Stats in the CrossFit community

CF Games ’09 ranked #20.

Competed ’10 So-Cal Regional ranked #6.


Game Time

Attention CrossFit Athletes,
You are elite. You are a fire breather. You are one of the best. You are 1 out of the 40 top athletes invited to be a SoCal Elite. The time has come for you to compete to qualify for the 2011 CrossFit Games and CrossFit South County wants to give you the opportunity to do it alongside all the other elite athletes in Southern California! As you know, CrossFit Sectionals is approaching us and game season will officially begin in March. The CrossFit Games Open is a six-week competition that will begin Tuesday, March 15th. This competition is the first step in qualifying for the 2011 CrossFit Games. Each week, one event will be announced each Tuesday, and everyone has until the following Sunday to complete the event and record their scores. CrossFit South County will be the box you want to compete at! With the top 20 male and female elite athletes in So Cal, we can guarantee a competitive, intense, high energy and overall amazing 6 week competition!
When? Every Saturday starting March 19th to April 23rd, 2011
Where? CrossFit South County, 26941 Cabot Rd. Suit 137, Laguna Hills CA 92653
Details of what goes down each Saturday:
  • Check-in @ 9AM, Warm-Up @ 9:30AM and heats beginning at 10AM every Saturday for the 6 weeks of the competition.
  • 4 heats with accurate judging
  • 2 heats with10 males and 2 heats with 10 females. I’ll scratch your back you scratch mine. Each athlete will jude an athlete prior to their heat.
What? Everything you can possibly want to make Sectionals an elite experience! All you need to worry about is bringing your game face and giving it your all in each event; let us take care of the rest!
  • Arguably top 20 Male & Female Elite Athletes in Southern California competing together at a validated affiliate, CrossFit South County, which will be OPT-ing in every week to submit athlete results to HQ.
  • Competitive and high energy environment with other Elite Athletes throughout So Cal.
  • SICFIT partnership with media coverage, videos and updates posted weekly on the SICFIT website for all 6 weeks.
  • SoCal Elite Facebook page, Fan page and Twitter page for all other CrossFit affiliates, athletes and fans to follow updates and results of the 6 week competition.
Are YOU ready?
Register and reserve your spot in the competition by replying to this email. If you have any questions contact CrossFit South County’s head coach, Paul Gregrow, at
Deadline for response before your spot is filled Thursday February 24th at 12:00PM